We will find the property that best suits each buyer. We will search and select from the offers of individuals, real estate agents and other channels of the real estate market.
Obtaining the best price requires an exhaustive knowledge of the market. My experience will help you to make the best purchase possible.
At LASO Personal Real Estate, your interests are my interests too. My goal is to guarantee the quality, agility, security and trust in all phases of the purchasing process.
Your peace of mind is the most important thing. From the beginning through to the property registry, we will verify the legal and urban situation of the property, and we will take care of the drafting of all the necessary documents.
If you need to, I will also accompany you in the mortgage management process. More than 23 years of professional experience in the financial sector give me the experience enough to be able to guide and assess you in this key phase of the process.
and then...
My responsability doesn't end at the notary. Also, in case you need it, professionals we trust will be pleased to offer you personalised advice that will make your project unique.

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National Associacion of Realtors
Accredited Buyer's Representative
Associació d'Agents Immobiliaris
Asociación Española de Personal Shopper Inmobiliario

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